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What’s 180 days to us? Our story is   E  P  I  C.

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Logan + Veronica | Cue the Rain

Hard to remember what we left behind
But you’re hand in mine is hard to erase
And I find myself looking for you

"Logan loves Veronica. He understands her. They’ve both been through tremendous family struggles. And I think they both even without speaking understand each other.

I think that that is what the audience connects to, when they just look at each other, It’s just like, ‘I get you.’ That’s what’s so beautiful about that relationship.” Jason Dohring.

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Favorite LoVe quotes (1/5)

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W a n n a    B a l l

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What if I told you your tears haven’t been ignored
And everything that was taken can be restored.

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"LOVE isn’t brains, children, it’s blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will.”

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Marshmallows & Promises.

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Our story is epic.

I think when someone can really look at you, really see you and float you their admiration and full attention, that’s pretty great and hard to deal with. It’s like, ‘Oh, man, I feel uncomfortable but it’s nice.’ That’s part of the joy in falling in love I think, right? - Jason Dohring

65 million records world wide. Best selling Female R&B Group of All Time. Highest grossing tour by a female group in history.


It was always you.
Can’t believe I could not see it all this time, all this time.
It was always you.
No more guessing who.

But deep down I knew
                 No matter what in the end, it’d be me and you