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MGK + EST Family Prayer, Backstage with Ethika, 5/7/13.

"Alright. Dear god. This is one of those days.This is such a special moment. This is that moment where we get to see an artist that we all believe in and a band we all watched grow. To go out there and perform in front of an audience of thousands. Not in person, but for all those that heard about our shows overseas and never got the chance to come to the shows. This is a chance to just make a great connection with all those people. And to just have a great connection on stage, it’s so rare as an artist who plays music all the time and everyday to go out there and really enjoy playing music. What I’ve realized today is everyday is a blessing that we get to wake up and do what we do.

This is such a cool life, coming from where we came from. I feel like everything is finally happening. When you’ve been scratching at the surface for so long and to finally break through and see some light. It’s just a really special moment. Thanks my friends and thanks for coming out. Let’s go out there and put on the best god damn show. Lace Up!”- Kells